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Glynis Wood Interiors

inspiration + passion + vision

Glynis Wood founded her firm in 2004. Glynis has always been passionate about design. Beginning with a few jobs at the request of friends, word-of-mouth referrals propelled her passion into a full-time business. Glynis cherishes the personal relationship she develops with clients during the course of the projects. With a background in social work, one of her greatest strengths is truly listening to the client and determining what the client ultimately desires to accomplish with their living space. Glynis loves her work and views each job as a special opportunity to make her clients excited to come home to the “house of their dreams”!

Glynis is married with two beautiful daughters, Taylor and Dylan. She has two dogs, Zoe and Rudy, and an entire herd of miniature donkeys that she adores at her Texas ranch.